THE COLLECTION – SOLD Investment Company New York
SOLD – Evening Tide, Low Tide, Enthusiastic Collector & drawing of The Story Teller



Me inside Gallery 2012. We have been in Parnell Auckland for 8 years.

Ephra with support from her sister Dara BA and Geneva Gibson LLB, Art Consultant, is managing our Parnell Gallery.

“Maybe Tomorrow” Winner of 1974 Benson and Hedges Art Award. Bought by Dunedin Art Gallery for record NZ price.

2013 AUCTION $55,000
“About Time” 2006. Sold in auction at International Art Centre 2013 for $55,000.
Bought in our gallery for $40,000.

“Regeneration” 1997 One of two paintings accepted for 2001 ROYAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS Summer Exhibition London. The first time ever overseas artists were invited.

We are very happy in our new gallery on the main road to Pauanui.  We are on the corner leading to the Lakes Resort. It is a fabulous setting for our paintings and to paint. It is dream-like. We have our cottage 200 metres away, and I have 2 paintings on the go, one at the gallery and one at home. You must come and visit Matt LLB BA and myself. We would really love to see you.

“Self Portrait” 1969 On cover of 1970 “Young Contemporaries Traveling Exhibition”.


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30cm 300mm 11¾in $70
70cm 750mm 27½in $330
100cm 1000mm 39⅜in $980
150cm 1500mm 59in $1,900

All giclee prints are HAND SIGNED by Alvin

Prices include GST, P & P and delivery worldwide.
There is a selection of prints in beautiful Italian frames.







What Are Giclée Prints?

(pronounced Zee Clay)

Giclee printing uses the latest computer controlled ink jet technology to produce the finest quality prints available. It is an advanced technique of reproducing images with the tonalities and hues of the original painting.

Giclee prints are able to display a full colour spectrum. They are outstanding reproductions, virtually indistinguishable from the original. Collectors can acquire a fine artwork at a fraction of the cost of the original. Yet it isnearly impossible to distinguish between the two.

Because Giclee prints are able to capture every nuance of an original painting, wide acceptance has been gained from several notable institutions. Two examples of these are The Louvre and The Metropolitian Museum of Art New York.

Giclee prints are so durable they can be framed without glass. They never fade.

Our prints are on strong European Canvas. They can be block mounted or framed. The surface can be cleaned with a wet cloth or sponge.